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Food as Beauty



In any cosmetics aisle and you’ll see bursts of food references, whether it’s by capturing the scent of citrus or harnessing the natural power of honey. How long have we been using food in the beauty department?

There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians were into getting rid of their hair, particularly the wealthier and more noble members of their civilisation. Wigs, complete with an early form of hair gel, have been found on mummies uncovered in Egyptian tombs, which seems to support the idea that Egyptians may have shaved their heads and wore fabulous wigs instead. It’s widely reported online that the ancient Egyptians invented the technique of sugaring, known as sukkar or halawa, as a way to remove hair on other parts of the body, though the Persians had a version too, known as moum, so it’s possible that this method could have travelled to Egypt from Iran. It’s a method that has been in use since around 1900BC, according to an article entitled Sugaring: An Ancient Method of Hair Removal by Dania Tannir MD and Barry Leshin MD in a 2001 Dermatologic Surgery Journal .

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